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TaiwanDa-Yeh University Visited Our University
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On April 23rd, vice president of Taiwan Da-Yeh University Mr.Liang Zhuo,Project Planning Directorat the principal's office at Li Shaoyu visited our university on invitation. DeputySecretaryof the Party Committee Bai Yu met with the guests.


 Deputy secretary Bai and vice president Liang exchange their opinions on the development  ideas as well as the educational thoughts of Universities under thecurrent situation.Deputy secretary Bai said the visits across the Taiwan Strait help both sides learn from each other and  play a catalytic role in their respective development. He hopes the two universities can work closely in teacher exchange, student exchange and other aspects to promote closer cooperation.The vice president from Da-Yeh university hoped to build up a good platform for cooperation between the two universitiesthrough this visit, so that more teachers and students could participate in future exchange programs.


During the visit, The Taiwan guests delivered a featured report named "Taiwan Da-Yeh University" .